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The Best Gaming Modem Routers

Information and reviews on the best gaming routers available today. Check out our poll on the best gaming router with over 800 votes from fellow gamers. Join in on the gaming router discussion and submit your own review. New gaming router reviews coming soon. Find the best gaming routers for the XBox Live here.

Why buy a gaming router?

Before gaming was really noticed as a major consumer field everyone had to play on the same equipment with no distinct advantages to one's gaming setup. That is no longer the case, and there is a significant advantage to having the right gear when playing games competitively. Even if you play just for fun on the XBox Live, isn't winning more often going to be more fun?

D-Link broadband gaming router, model DGL-4100. - D-Link DGL-4100 with 4 port switch.

D-Link DGL-4100 4-Port GamerLounge Broadband Gigabit Gaming Router

The D-Link DGL-4100 is a wired router which I will always prefer over wireless. Of course you have to deal with running cables but that's usually not a problem, and the wired routers ultimately have the best connection.

The D-Link DGL-4100 strong points:

GameFuel Priority Technology:

  • Provides the most power to where you need it most, your games. Designed to reduce latency and boost network efficiency and performance.

High Performance CPU:

  • Supports thousands of concurrent connections, making it great for both peer to peer and multiplayer applications.

Alt-Tab or multitasking:

  • The D-Link DGL-4100 enables you to alt tab or minimize the game without a loss in game connection. This is awesome for game hosts or those who want to jump right back into the game.

4 Port hub:

  • Connects up to four computers to a single broadband connection.

Easily customizable:

  • The D-Link DGL-4100 offers easy fine tuning of your gaming needs with 256 pre-configured ports and options to add new applications or game settings.

D-Link DGL-4100 customer reviews and ratings:

Out of 41 customer reviews and ratings the D-Link DGL-4100 got an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, an extremely good rating.

You can check out and read all of the customer reviews Here. (Scroll to the bottom for reviews)

D-Link wireless gaming router, model DGL-4300. - D-Link DGL-4300 108G Wireless Gaming Router.

D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless 108G Gaming Router
D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless 108G Gaming Router

Comes with an instant rebate of $25 and ships for free.


D-Link DGL-4300 information and reviews.

Pros and cons for the D-Link DGL-4300 wireless gaming router.

A cheap yet highly effective wireless version of the original D-link gaming router, but this one is for wireless connections. It sports all of the same features as the wired version (see above), without all the hassle of running ethernet cables throughout your home. I still recommend the wired version for best connectivity, but sometimes that's just not feasible and the D-Link DGL-4300 does a great job at a great price.

D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless 108G Gaming Router

This wireless gaming router includes a mounting kit with a vertical stand and detachable antenna. It can still be used horizontally as well.

D-Link DGL-4300 customer reviews and ratings:

Out of 102 customer reviews and ratings the D-Link DGL-4300 received an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, which translates roughly to, a really really awesome wireless gaming router.

You can check out all the technical specs and read all the customer reviews Here. Just scroll to the bottom for reviews.

D-Link Xtreme dualband gaming router, model DGL-4500. - D-Link DGL-4500 wireless gaming router.

D-Link DGL-4500 information and reviews.

Pros and cons for the D-Link DGL-4500 wireless gaming router.

The other more expensive version of the D-link wireless router. This one features dual band technology. While quite a bit more pricewise than some of the other wireless gaming routers, it has had several good reviews and is recommended especially for those who experience slow downs when someone else on your network is using the internet as well.

D-Link DGL-4500 Extreme-N Selectable Dual-Band Gaming Router

All in all I recommend this router only if you want a quality wireless gaming router that won't slow down your connections when someone else on your network is downloading. It features the same strong points as the cheaper version of the wireless D-Link listed above.

D-Link DGL-4500 customer reviews and ratings:

Out of 19 total customer reviews and ratings this router has received an average of 4 out of 5 stars. Not bad, but the competition is stiff.

Read all the reviews for the D-Link DGL-4500 Here. Scroll to the bottom for the reviews and ratings.

D-Link DGL 4500 video review.

A quick video review on the features of the DGL-4500.

Linksys wireless gaming router, model WRT330N. - Linksys WRT330N Wireless-N Gaming Router.

Linksys WRT330N information and reviews.

Pros and cons for the Linksys WRT330N wireless gaming router.

The first thing that I have to say about this gaming router is that it looks incredible. This is without a doubt the best looking wireless router I've ever seen, and on top of that it really delivers on performance too.

Cisco-Linksys WRT330N Wireless-N Gigabit Gaming Router

Linksys WRT330N strong points:

Great wireless signal:

  • Using MIMO technology the Linksys WRT330N uses multiple radios to make a far reaching and very strong signal.

Built in optimizer:

  • Similar to D-links GameFuel technology, the optimizer boosts network efficiency and reduced lag.

4 point hub:

  • Connects up to four computers to your broadband connection.

Cisco-Linksys WRT330N Wireless-N Gigabit Gaming Router

Linksys WRT330N customer reviews and ratings:

Out of a total of 50 customer reviews and ratings the Linksys WRT330N wireless router receives an average of 4 out of 5 stars making it a solid investment.

You can check out all the Linksys WRT330N specs and reviews Here. (Scroll down for reviews)

Vote on the best overall gaming router. - Gaming router poll.

In your opinion what is the best overall gaming router?

  • D-Link DGL-4500 Wireless Gaming Router
  • D-Link DGL-4300 108G Wireless Gaming Router
  • D-Link DGL-4100 Gaming Modem Router
  • Linksys WRT330N Wireless-N Gaming Router
See results without voting

Talk about the gaming routers here. Let us know your experiences.

 Last updated on April 30, 2013

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Gaming router discussion. - Discussions on gaming routers. 92 comments

SaveMySystem 4 years ago

all wireless routers can be hardwired too, I hardwired my desk top with D- link router and leave the others wireless and get perfect speed of 108mbps However I like to mention here that before finishing the setting i perform WPA bases encryption which gives me perfect secure network.

intricate profile image

intricate 4 years ago

@SaveMySystem: Good point. I'm actually running the same way with wireless now. I just hardwire my gaming pc straight to the router.

Tahamtan 4 years ago

The poll is really useful. I think it is kind of precise in showing which one stands on top.

willisx32 profile image

willisx32 4 years ago

Very useful lens. nice job

Oliversbabycarecouk 4 years ago

Great lens. Im in diar need of a new router, now i definatly have alot better idea of what i want. thanks

anonymous 4 years ago

Good lens. I like it.

I actually have a D-Link router and I like it very much. They're better then Linksys as far as I'm concerned.

excessive34 4 years ago

Personally, I would use a cable linked router for gaming. Wireless connection gets eaten up.

gaming forum

gamingfanboy profile image

gamingfanboy 4 years ago

I like using a direct connection for gaming myself as I think its more stable for those that like play FPS games.

MikeEssex profile image

MikeEssex 4 years ago

I've always used the routers I got free with Broadband and can't complain so far. Well apart from their crappy connections anyway. A good lens for the hardcore gamer.

SaveMySystem 4 years ago

A cheap yet highly effective wireless version of the original D-link gaming router, but this one is for wireless connections. It sports all of the same features as the wired version (see above), without all the hassle of running ethernet cables throughout your home.

SaveMySystem 4 years ago

If you're like me though and you have more than 4 wired connections, you might think that the best bet would be to simply buy a wireless router with 8 ports. Wrong. Not that that isn't a good idea; it's just that they're hard if not almost impossible to find in consumer models.

robertjwalker 4 years ago

Good choices, but I believe you may be overlooking the Netgear for Video and Gaming. I reviewed here:

Thank you for your review of these D-Links though.

Vcize 4 years ago

I use the ASUS rt16 with dd-wrt on it and it works great for gaming. Just turn on udnp and it takes care of everything else.

anonymous 4 years ago

I use a netgear regular and it works just fine on a 6mb connection, never had problems.

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montysdada 3 years ago

I use a netgear I've noticed a little bit of lag problems with it though

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anonymous 3 years ago

Nice lens on gaming routers! Blessed by a gadget loving Squisoo Angel on 3/13/2011. Have a great day!

amber24paige 3 years ago

i want to set wireless network for home which router will be best for me that i don't have to face any Router Problem.

amber24paige 3 years ago

i want to set wireless network for home which router will be best for me that i don't have to face any Router Problem.

intricate profile image

intricate 3 years ago

The D-Link DGL-4500 and the Linksys WRT330N are both great choices for gaming routers.

Ben Reed profile image

Ben Reed 3 years ago

I found this lens very helpful, thank you.

moskit profile image

moskit 3 years ago

Important information for all gamers!

This lens has been Blessed!

360xbl 3 years ago

Great lens

DavidJamieson 3 years ago

Nice work, very helpful

anonymous 3 years ago

Just so everyone knows the dlink dgl-4500 blows. I did buy mine used off ebay and it does work good just reboots alot even with latest firmware. I would get the linksys.

AznMichael profile image

AznMichael 3 years ago

do u know which ones have QoS?

AznMichael profile image

AznMichael 3 years ago

do u know which ones have QoS?

TeddySteele1 3 years ago

I like the linksys line of routers myself. Just what Ive had the best luck with thus far.

anonymous 3 years ago

ure moms a linksyus router

shivnagsudhakar 3 years ago


JeremyAce 3 years ago

Not really a fan of D-Link, I find them to be an excellent producer of affordable products but they wouldn't be my first choice for top tier products. That said before you rush out and drop over a hundred dollars on gaming routers make sure you have your current router configured correctly.

anonymous 3 years ago

Had a few wireless routers over the years with no problems until they died, and recently tried a D-Link it was easy to set up, affordable, but dropping signals like crazy.

ledouxrt 3 years ago

Seems a bit biased towards D-Link.

BillSimmons 3 years ago

I'm partial to Linksys

anonymous 3 years ago

Great work, you have very high stats and great lens.

kjbranch77 profile image

kjbranch77 3 years ago

My apple airport router has carried me for years

anonymous 3 years ago

I think D-Link is the best router for gaming. I have never had any issues with this brand.

anonymous 3 years ago

I only use the games on facebook ie Frontierville, Farmville but I am having problems with them. Do I need a new Router/modem to receive them. Any help would be great. My old router is Netgear, just the basic.

nexusx2 lm profile image

nexusx2 lm 3 years ago

Thanks for the share. Very detailed and alot of good information. Thumbs Up!

JoshK47 3 years ago

Very useful information - thanks for sharing!

NevermoreShirts 3 years ago

Wonderful guide for those looking for a new router.

simona55 profile image

simona55 3 years ago

great content!


anonymous 3 years ago

Linksys/Cisco is notorious for having some issues with their routers. The ones that I'll say the most is Cisco E-Series as well as the WRT series models. They'll work great for several months but will instantly drop in quality, lowering your bandwidth down by 50% or even lower. This is a common issue that Cisco support can't rectify either.

umarshehzad lm profile image

umarshehzad lm 3 years ago

Well I have used D-Link DGL-4500 myself and I am sure that other cards are good as well.

gamingfanboy profile image

gamingfanboy 3 years ago

great lens

MaartjeJepsen 3 years ago

What about Belkin? Do they make decent routers as well?

baby-strollers 3 years ago

I wouldn't have thought you needed a specific router for gaming - very cool!

anonymous 3 years ago

I am having trouble deciding on a reasonably priced gaming router.Reading reviews no matter what price range I`m looking at it seems to be mixed reviews with none of them standing out as good. I have xbox360 hardwired to a linksys wrtg router and running three computers wireless.I have cable internet.I am getting a download speed of 10mbps and upload 1mbps. and I still lag and drop connection.I know it does not help when my wife is playing facebook games.I would appreciate some input.

anonymous 3 years ago

@anonymous: LOL bro! My MW3 lags on my PS3 when my wife plays facebook games. I feel your pain! lol

anonymous 3 years ago

@anonymous: same problem here: desktop, 2 lap tops, Xbox...would like some input from someone on this.

anonymous 3 years ago

@anonymous: Lauren, are you the FB player and your hubby is on XBox? LOL. Well, here's MY official input on this (and I am a computer expert, though not networking) IT'S ALL FB'S fault and their games are stupid and should be bandwidth throttled so that they don't hog all of the bandwidth. I'm gonna start a petition to Zynga.

aviwolfson profile image

aviwolfson 3 years ago from Massachusetts

GreaGreat lense. Thanks for sharing.

revenue4u 3 years ago

I use the DGL4500 and it performs flawlessly. I still miss some shots, but I can't blame the router. Very informative lens. Squid liked.

shoefiend 3 years ago

linksy all the way for me its always in my top good lens

shoefiend 3 years ago

linksy all the way for me its always in my top good lens

OliveHouse profile image

OliveHouse 3 years ago

Great information, Dan. It's always confusing when looking to purchase a new router.

JamesJGibson profile image

JamesJGibson 3 years ago

Really great lens, this will be very helpful for people looking for one to buy.

AleenaJohn 3 years ago

Really nice lens, I have been looking forward to buying a refurbished WRT330N from my network installation providers this week, your lens did make my decision rather simple and to be able to review so many other routers here as well, thanks for the great lens!

dvdmoviereviews profile image

dvdmoviereviews 3 years ago

some really good information.

elfie-john 2 years ago

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elfie-john 2 years ago

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Deadicated LM profile image

Deadicated LM 2 years ago

Thanks for all the good information.

anonymous 2 years ago

I need help right away. It's my son's b-day tomorrow and he wants a gaming router. I office out of the house with Voice over IP and the only decent connection I can get is T1. i have a Cisco 17XX router connection and my boy, soon to be 9, has a wireline connection to the LAN switch. Where does the wireless router connect (this side of the Cisco I hope) and will it interfere with my wired network?

biggking lm profile image

biggking lm 2 years ago

GEEZE sound futureistic and looks that way too!

JohnGcorner profile image

JohnGcorner 2 years ago

Never thought about buying a gaming router, my stock router seems to be working just fine.

Nevertheless, thx for this info.

robert_atchison 2 years ago

Do know if I need a gaming router but sense I'm in the market for a new router because my routers keep dropping my connection almost daily and I do play some games such as World of Warcraft, Rift, Aion, and others so maybe a gaming router would be a good upgrade... Best Buy here I come.

tmthirty 2 years ago

Great article! Very informative and helpful. Mind checking out my latest article? It would help me out a lot. Thanks! You can find it here:

tmthirty 2 years ago

Great article! Very informative and helpful. Mind checking out my latest article? It would help me out a lot. Thanks! You can find it here:

anonymous 2 years ago

i dont really understand how the router has anything to do with the internet lol! i thought that all depended on your internet provider?

anonymous 2 years ago

i do not understand what a router can possible have to do with the affect on ur ehternet?!?!!?/

newbizmau profile image

newbizmau 2 years ago from Mobile, AL Level 2 Commenter

Seems like my wireless router from my provider just isn't cutting it. Whenever someone else is using wireless in the house the connection slows way down if not completely out. I have ATT Uverse. Can I add a router on top of theirs?

JuserTM profile image

JuserTM 2 years ago

Nice and useful lens, well done! Squidlike

maxidef 2 years ago

very interesting lens.


maxidef 2 years ago

very interesting lens.


Tycoon Addict profile image

Tycoon Addict 2 years ago

@anonymous: Its true that all Ethernet cables transfer at similar rates. But the router can only accept interpret and transfer Ethernet information at a certain speed thus limiting the cable speed.

Cavedweller 2 years ago

Very nicely put together.....i think i know a little more about routers now.

anonymous 2 years ago

Great choices!

anonymous 2 years ago

how much coin did u get from d-link? this is not a review, it free advertising!

anonymous 2 years ago

We actualy use Docsis 3 the that Ccomcast offers. It has been the best gaming modem and it grabs three incoming lines for internet and determines which is the best incoming highspeed connection line and connects to the best. Any true gamer knows that hardline is better than wireless. If someone tries to sell you on a wireless for gaming, it is crap. We combine the Docsis 3 with the linksys router and we are always host even when we are both gaming at the same time. It gives our Xbox 360's about 30mbps per system. For some reason we have found that the original generation of Xbox 360's suck up more of the internet that the slims. And the older Xbox 360 always ends up being the "host" while the slim never does. I do not know why this occurs.

Silver swan games profile image

Silver swan games 2 years ago from Adelaide

good insite ,good work

mistaben 2 years ago

Very helpful info. Great lens =)

avigarret profile image

avigarret 2 years ago

Not ony is a lens dedicated for the best routers for gaming a great idea, you also made it extremely extensive and informative, bookmarked :)

JoeTheMiner 2 years ago

not bad at all but this lens is more of HIGH priced and all around do you get what you pay for or do you get a peace of crap for the money because i have did this before buy something that's HIGH class but in the end it turned out that it wasn't what i had in mind can you recommend anything is in the low to medium price range that offer's great security great firewall and high proformance $200 for a router is way out there kinda fills like a sore thumb.

TarahFlesch profile image

TarahFlesch 2 years ago

Very helpful lens!

cleanyoucar 2 years ago

Great collection of routers here :D

anonymous 2 years ago

AirPort Extreme 4gen by apple works great

I've played cod games while someone's Skyping and others streaming vids all at the sometime(with occasional lag because of people uploading huge damn files but nothing that would throw your game off). Of course that sounds to amazing to be true but I do have 30mbps Download and 5mbps Upload speeds. What it all comes down to is the router and this machine delivers what it's worth ($170). So if you have the money to spend you won't be disappoint(unless you have people uploading, that's about your only worries).

DanielTorri 24 months ago

I had no idea what router you used even really made a difference!

McMenimen 23 months ago

I'll definitely have to pick one of these up.

bamalife 23 months ago

Very good lens. I have an Apple Router and like it quite a bit. I may have to check these out once my current router dies.

Margot_C 21 months ago

Very useful info. It can be quite intimidating finding a piece of electronic equipment these days. Things are changing so fast. Thanks for the tips.

anonymous 21 months ago

I have had a DGL 4500 for a while and it has been great. However, D-link will no longer be supporting it after May 2013.

anonymous 20 months ago

@anonymous: D-Link specializes in gaming routers. They just have the most models and were the first to come out with gaming routers. Its just the nature of the industry.

frankston-seo-consultants 11 months ago

I have found my d-link router to be unstable on some ADSL2+ connections, seems stable on this one though.

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